Bar Pattaya

Welcome to Aussie Bar Pattaya
Aussie Bar Pattaya is on Soi 7 just off Second Road and a minute from Central Pattaya Road. We have a huge range of beers wines and spirits. Happy Hour is from 8am to 9pm every day. Low prices on all drinks. Soi 7 is one of the main night life areas in Pattaya. Right in the heart of the city. Next to great hotels. Next to great restaurants. Just minutes from Pattaya beach. Free wi-fi for all our customers. Enjoy a nice cold beer. Relax and watch football. Make new friends. Meet old friends. A great place to chill. Choose from a wide range of drinks. Low prices. Great selection. Aussie Bar Pattaya has it all. Dine at the Pig and Whistle across the street. Stay at the Flipper House Hotel next door. The bar has everything on its doorstep. The perfect venue. We look forward to seeing you at Aussie Bar Pattaya soon.
Aussie Bar Pattaya Thanks Again for Visiting